Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Meetings Mean Business

About Meetings Mean Business

Meetings Mean Business is a campaign working to protect the millions of American jobs that depend on business travel and events. Meetings Mean Business supports a robust travel industry that employs millions of hardworking Americans in hotels, restaurants and conference centers across the country. Check it out... http://www.meetingsmeanbusiness.com/

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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Return On Investment - Convention/Incentive/Event

Your ROI = Accomplishment Of Your Goals

“There is real magic in enthusiasm. It spells the difference between mediocrity and accomplishment.” -Norman Vincent Peale

RETURN ON YOUR INVESTMENT  -  One of the most important elements of any business project, product, or decision is the return on investment; how much earned when compared with how much invested. Working closely with you, Cre8ive Network (C8N) will ensure your investments of time, money, and other resources into a program are maximized, providing your participants with the best possible experience while remaining within the agreed budgetary parameters.

By leveraging C8N’s knowledge, skills, and abilities in the planning and operational phases of an event the client will realize significant savings, decreasing the expense of the event. This savings will exceed any fees related to the C8N engagement, thus collaborating with C8N opens access to subject matter expertise while providing value that simply could not be realized otherwise.

The wealth of C8N experience and industry insight related to visualizing, pre-planning, developing theme & objectives/incentives/ A/V / staging/set-design/meetings content/exhibits/experiential learning/entertainment/ transportation, logistical support, event operations, set-up/strike, and fiscal reconciliation is all part of our value-added, holistic approach.

In addition to the direct fiscal savings C8N provides, there are indirect savings as well, by decreasing the time & effort required by your organization to plan and conduct your convention/incentive/event. Thus your people remain focused on conducting core business operations and not wasting time in areas where they may not have well developed knowledge, skills, and abilities e.g. convention/incentive/event planning & operations.

If you do have an internal team of professionals we're great at integrating resources for seamless execution.

Cre8ive Network has extremely low overhead and seeks to engage all value producing resources for your incentive/convention/event.

Return On Investment is the Holy Grail of Conventions/Incentives/Events, but the question has always been how to effectively track and measure it, compile the evaluation in a form that you can appreciate, and use to improve your next meeting.

Today, the ongoing technological revolution is developing better automated tools that give us a better grasp than ever on your meetings ROI.

We like to look at five levels of measurement:

•One—measuring reaction to a meeting, including "enjoyment;"
•Two—tracking the learning that attendees actually take away from the meeting;
•Three—detailing attendee actions that took place as a result of the meeting;
•Four—gauging subsequent impact of the meeting, such as greater productivity or sales, or reduced errors; and
•Five—arriving at an actual return on investment garnered via the previous four levels.

There's also a sixth level, if you will, which is the impact that can't be converted to money. This could include better branding, cooperation, teamwork, and a variety of intangibles. Every meeting has intangibles.

While results might be attached to specific meetings in theory, it's not easy in practice, which is why sometimes clients don’t want to be bothered with measuring at all and sometimes we just talk about ROO - Return on Objectives or ROE - Return On Event.
These terms are code for, 'I can't possibly put numbers on this. But you could say you met 20 new customers who might buy your product, or educated 300 physicians on how to effectively administer a particular drug, etc…

Most important to us is that your objectives are met and you receive value for your investment of time and money.

We know this is what’s necessary to earn the right to collaborate on your next event, developing a long term partnership that gets progressively better over time, benefitting everyone.

The best use of our experience & expertise is producing all aspects of your production right here in Las Vegas, the convention & entertainment capital of the world.

Cre8ive Network could be your Las Vegas Resource Partner

Monday, May 4, 2009


Buzz*Vibe*Rhythm is a proprietary concept that Cre8ive Network uses to describe the way all of the interaction from beginning to end should impact the experience of all stake holders, especially the target audience...

We say, like never before, people will hear the BUZZ, feel the VIBE & catch the RHYTHM of your masterfully produced event.

What’s the BUZZ? "Tell them what's happening..."

BUZZ –You want all stakeholders to hear the BUZZ about your pending event. All forms of communication should be engaged to create an irresistible gravitational pull. Voice mails, e-mails, Twitter, SMS Texting, Thematic Event website, Special communiques, etc. Done correctly, the BUZZ about your event will create an enormous impact on anticipation, expectations & motivation. •One of the ways to increase the BUZZ is to include more people.
•Consider setting criteria that would create an opportunity for employee representatives from all levels of the organization to score a VIP pass. This drives the BUZZ and helps expand “the event as the incentive” concept.

•Don’t forget customers, guests and board members.

BUZZ, done properly, will create excitement for the Peak Experience of your event, ramping up to a fever pitch – like bees swarming to get into their hive.

VIBE – We want all stakeholders to feel the VIBE of your event from a long way off. As they draw near the thematic intent is undeniable & inescapable. The sense of arrival and the excitement of participating in all aspects of the event will be nearly overwhelming. The VIBE connects and carries everyone through the purpose of the event and is always punctuated with experiential discovery, entertainment, learning & FUN.

RHYTHM – Everyone experiencing the RHYTHM evoking vibe of your event will be infused with renewed enthusiasm woven into the fabric of their daily responsibilities. Sustainable rhythm - inspiring new behavior, producing better results – that’s the name of our tune.

Cre8ive Network can harmonize with your leadership team to create BUZZ, VIBE & RHYTHM for an event that will maximize the return on our investment.

"Motivating new behaviors producing greater results" is what we do best.

* Note: BUZZ*VIBE*RHYTHM is a registration pending Service Mark owned by Cre8ive Network.
Cre8ive Network could be your Las Vegas Resource Partner