Monday, May 4, 2009


Buzz*Vibe*Rhythm is a proprietary concept that Cre8ive Network uses to describe the way all of the interaction from beginning to end should impact the experience of all stake holders, especially the target audience...

We say, like never before, people will hear the BUZZ, feel the VIBE & catch the RHYTHM of your masterfully produced event.

What’s the BUZZ? "Tell them what's happening..."

BUZZ –You want all stakeholders to hear the BUZZ about your pending event. All forms of communication should be engaged to create an irresistible gravitational pull. Voice mails, e-mails, Twitter, SMS Texting, Thematic Event website, Special communiques, etc. Done correctly, the BUZZ about your event will create an enormous impact on anticipation, expectations & motivation. •One of the ways to increase the BUZZ is to include more people.
•Consider setting criteria that would create an opportunity for employee representatives from all levels of the organization to score a VIP pass. This drives the BUZZ and helps expand “the event as the incentive” concept.

•Don’t forget customers, guests and board members.

BUZZ, done properly, will create excitement for the Peak Experience of your event, ramping up to a fever pitch – like bees swarming to get into their hive.

VIBE – We want all stakeholders to feel the VIBE of your event from a long way off. As they draw near the thematic intent is undeniable & inescapable. The sense of arrival and the excitement of participating in all aspects of the event will be nearly overwhelming. The VIBE connects and carries everyone through the purpose of the event and is always punctuated with experiential discovery, entertainment, learning & FUN.

RHYTHM – Everyone experiencing the RHYTHM evoking vibe of your event will be infused with renewed enthusiasm woven into the fabric of their daily responsibilities. Sustainable rhythm - inspiring new behavior, producing better results – that’s the name of our tune.

Cre8ive Network can harmonize with your leadership team to create BUZZ, VIBE & RHYTHM for an event that will maximize the return on our investment.

"Motivating new behaviors producing greater results" is what we do best.

* Note: BUZZ*VIBE*RHYTHM is a registration pending Service Mark owned by Cre8ive Network.
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