Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Your Event Is Your Incentive

In the traditional sense, incentives that involve an event are implemented to increase productivity - the best producers get to go on a trip and/or to the event. (Event, in this context, is used in a broad sense to include conventions, exhibitions, meetings, celebrations, etc.) This can be a powerful tool in your organization if handled correctly and engineered to extract the maximum amount of benefit available.

That’s what we do at Cre8ive Network.

We help you create an event that will become a PEAK EXPERIENCE and market it to your people in a way that will act as a powerful incentive for your people to do whatever it takes to be able to participate – again and again.


We have experience integrating incentive elements into your event and sustaining additional incentive elements long afterwards, eventually ramping them up to the next event.
•Make it clear that participation will not be automatic for anyone.
•Participation in the event could be dependent on the achievement of key business drivers.
•Certain criteria may be set to encourage the achievement of desired results ramping up to event registration.

The emphasis is always on treating the event itself as a branded PEAK EXPERIENCE. Being able to attend and participate will become your most powerful incentive. Investing in your event is an investment in the primary incentive that drives your most important results.


Think of it. Handled correctly and marketed strategically, your event can positively impact recruiting, retention and productivity. And it won’t be limited to just your employees. Your suppliers will want to participate and may, in some cases, play an important part in sharing some of the financial investment for the event. We understand the important role that suppliers represent to your company and are experienced at functioning in a way that strengthens the bonds with those “business partners” of yours.

We work collaboratively with them to ensure that they get what they need to be effective for you. We take the time to talk to them, clarify their needs and do what has to be done so that they can do their best for you.

At Cre8ive Network we’re committed to helping you expand the concept, awareness & impact of your incentive/event to positively impact your people, your relationships and to ultimately grow your business.

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